paster-bainsThe spirit of hope and a heart for the homeless burned inside me since I was young. I have spent 90% of my life in East Palo Alto, and my father was notorious for giving five dollars bills to those in need as he served in our beloved city. Through a generous donation by San Mateo County, Project WeHOPE opened our doors of hope in the Winter of 2009, and have served hundreds of homeless during the coldest six months of the year ever since. Today, we are a year-round supportive and emergency shelter, offering many resources and services to clients. Help us end homelessness together in our communities.

Kids NOW Food Program
Volunteer Every Thursday
St Samuel Church, East Palo Alto

Events are open to the clients and general public. If you would like to know about events for clients at the shelter, visit our Calendar page.

warming-shelterWe offer food, overnight shelter, dental care, health services, and transportation. As an extension of the services, Project WeHOPE collaborates with San Mateo County and Santa Clara County to identify and provide services to this community’s homeless. For more information on programs, click on the links below.