Pet Kennel Construction Underway During Compassion Weekend

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kara-day1-cementpourHomeless individuals with dogs (or cats) avoid homeless shelters for many reasons. The most obvious is that most shelters are not equipped to look after animals, and so many homeless opt to stay on the streets, live out of their car or find a cheap hotel or friend to crash for a night or two.

So when a young local girl scout, named Kara, and her mom approached and told us that they wanted to build a kennel, naturally we jumped at the idea. There were so many questions (and still are), but the most important one at the time was “how will we be able to fund such a project.” That is when we decided to combine the kennel project with Compassion Weekend.

Compassion Weekend is an annual volunteer community service day, hosted and organized by the Menlo Park Presbyterian Church. Each year projects are submitted by nonprofits, and are selected for funding by MPPC. 2015 marks their 10th year in funding and mobilizing volunteers to help Bay Area nonprofits.
For Project WeHOPE, those projects included painting the inside of the WeHOPE Shleter, installing electricity and ceiling fans for the outside patio, refurbishing old outdoor furniture alsof or the patio, and finally a pet kennel.

Building the kennel is just one milestone in a larger project, and is a positive step forward for Project WeHOPE and its staff. We’ll be able to help a new group of the homeless and unhoused population.

Now, we are looking for ongoing support of the kennel, both in donations and professional assistance. If you’d like to help support the homeless with pets, then contact us today or set up a donation.

Thank you!