Spotlight: Jasmine Williams Going Above and Beyond to Help the Homeless

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Jasmine WilliamsThis week’s spotlight is on Jasmine Williams, one of Project WeHOPE’s most veteran and senior Shelter Managers. She arrives early for her shift, and helps the organization as a whole a better place for clients. Recently, we asked her what motivates her each day, and what working at Project WeHOPE means to her personally. Here is Jasmine Williams, in her own words:

“I have been apart of the team here at Project WeHOPE since October 2013, and what motivates me to come back everyday is the help I get to provide to the people.

“It feels good to help others out, who are on different directions in life, and I know the little things I do does help. Even if it is as simple as doing laundry so they can have clean linens and have a good nights rest, or clean towels to dry off after a hot shower that washes off the day, to making sure we stay stocked up on supplies so they can have what’s provided at hand.

“It can even be just listening to whatever it is they want to talk about. I may ask them “What’s wrong?” or ask them to come tell me what is on their mind. I know that being there to listen helps them and it makes me feel good.

“Working at Project WeHOPE, I’ve learned about myself that is not about me. It’s about what we can do individually to help each other rise. More specifically, I’ve to have grace and patience. I learned how to be a better listener, and how to “tame my mouth” when dealing with homeless.

“Until I started taking the various classes they offer through WeHOPE, I thought I had it all figured out. I am in such a better place now. I was able to learn patience, how to be still in my emotions and curb my outburst, and accept knowing that I am still going to be blessed with or with out anyone knowing the good I do for others.

“I really hope I get to stay with Project WeHOPE as long as I can, because I know what they are doing for the community is truly making a difference. From helping with food at the church, to Dignity on Wheels, and here at the Shelter with all it has to offer for the homeless clients. There are FREE classes with real graduations, warm cots, food, counseling and a place to call home even if it is temporally, I just want to be apart of something bigger then me and hopefully get to move up in levels.

“I still thank God for each day he lets me wake up and help others with whatever I can. I am also thankful for the staff. With so many of us working different schedules, I am appreciative that hard work does not go unnoticed. I can only show my appreciation by continually staying positive and moving forward growing mentally and helping out every time I can. Thank you.”