Every love story is unique. It can take you places you never expected. This is true in the lives of former Project WeHOPE clients Kim and Miguel.

Kim and Miguel lived in Mexico until a fire burned down their home leaving them homeless and without
resources to rebuild.

They moved to San Diego seeking employment in their respective fields: Kim a journeyman painter and Miguel a journeyman drywall finisher. Jobs that would provide sufficient income weren’t available, so they sought to move elsewhere. Through friends, they heard there was work available in the Bay Area, so they spent nearly all of their savings to come and get reestablished. The jobs they had lined up fell through. They were quickly running out of money. Unfortunately, the high cost of housing in the Bay Area left them unable to obtain housing. As a result, they received referrals to our shelter.

Upon arrival, they were excited to see the pet kennel at Project WeHOPE, as they had managed to
save their dog Tasha from the fire.  Neither of them had a job, so they participated extensively in
classes we offer including Secure Future, Seeking Safety, World Class Relationships for Work and
Home and Custodial Technician Training and Certification. But they still could not afford housing. After
a few months at the shelter, Miguel got a job through a temporary agency in construction and Kim was
hired at Home Depot. Shortly thereafter, Miguel proposed to Kim.  She said yes and they began
premarital counseling as well as more intense housing searches.

Photo by Jane Gee

Thanks to the staff at Project WeHOPE, Kim and Miguel had an early Christmas present: a formal
wedding and reception on December 23.  The wedding was held at Saint Samuel Church in East Palo
Alto followed by a reception at the shelter. The wedding was officiated by Pastor Paul Bains. The
bridesmaids were our two case managers and a shelter supervisor; the groomsmen were our facilities
manager and 2 of our Residential Services Coordinators. All clients were invited and joined in a great
day of celebration with a hearty meal and dancing. After the wedding, Kim, Miguel, and Tasha moved
into a room they rented.

They begin 2018 with their new life as a family: healthy, happy, employed, housed and married.

Photo by Jane Gee

While we miss them at the shelter, we share in their great joy. Here’s wishing the best for their happily ever after.







Photos by Jane Gee