Annual Budget

Project WeHOPE’s primary funding sources during FY2015-2016 (July-June) came from government and community grants, with a budget of $1,081,000. While Project WeHOPE is currently sustainable with its existing funding, the growth of its programs to help the homeless are increasing – both in public demand and financially.

Below is a look at funding sources and expenses for the last fiscal year, as well as statistics regarding the WeHOPE Shelter programs and services and Dignity on Wheels. Download the full FY2015-2016 Fiscal Year End Report.

Annual Budgets

FY2015-2016 – $1,038,240 (Dignity on Wheels launched)
FY2014-2015 – $790,000 (WeHOPE’s Transitional/Supportive Housing Program launched)
FY2013-2014 – $536,000
FY2012-2013 – $336,000