Annual Budget

Project WeHOPE’s primary funding sources during FY 2018 came from County government and individual donors, with a budget of $3,662,497. While Project WeHOPE is currently sustainable with its existing funding, the growth of its programs to help the homeless are increasing – both in public demand and financially.

Below is a look at 2018’s year in funding, program progress, and what we look forward to in the coming year.

Download or View the full FY2018 Fiscal Year End Report.

Annual Budgets

FY2018 –¬†$3,662,497

FY2015-2016 – $1,038,240 (Dignity on Wheels launched)
FY2014-2015 – $790,000 (WeHOPE’s Transitional/Supportive Housing Program launched)
FY2013-2014 – $536,000
FY2012-2013 – $336,000