Our Mission

Helping people become healthy, employed and housed using innovative solutions.

Our vision: Transforming lives through dignity and compassion

WeHOPE offers four main programs to help such individuals, and they are:
1. Transitional/Supportive Housing Program.
This is a 120-day program that is intended to deal with the systemic issues related to homelessness. Clients entering this program take a series of classes, set weekly goals, meet weekly with his or her case manager, participate in a mandatory savings program, do daily housing searches, and are a positive role model for emergency clients also staying at the WeHOPE Shelter.

2. Dignity on Wheels Mobile Hygiene Outreach Program. Dignity on Wheels is a mobile hygiene outreach program that provides free showers and laundry service for the homeless living in encampments, rotating shelters, in their vehicles or other temporary spaces where they do not have access to such amenities.

3. H.O.P.E. Jobs H.O.P.E. Jobs is a program that offers WeHOPE clients and the general community with free certification courses to become a Security Guard or Custodial Technician. The classes are taught by nationally certified instructors within their professional industry. Each individual who successfully receives a certificate of completion for either class are able to apply for hundreds of qualified jobs throughout California.

4. Dignity @ Work This program is offered to support formerly incarcerated individuals to become successful in all aspects of their lives. We offer comprehensive training in diverse related disciplines that provide life, communication, problem solving and financial management skills followed by job and entrepreneurship training to set the stage for successful employment either as a business owner or employee in a high-demand, low barrier to entry fields.”

Project WeHOPE is an acronym for We Help Other People Excel, and we are a 501c3 nonprofit organization located in the City of East Palo Alto, California. Through our devotion to helping others, our long-term goal is to help improve the health of East Palo Alto by helping others overcome the critical issues facing homelessness and poverty in our cities.