Ways to Get Involved

You can help the homeless in many ways. There are even opportunities to help that do not necessarily involve direct contact with our Shelter Clients. Of course, that’s really up to you, and your comfort level. Below are some ways you can get involved with helping Project WeHOPE and help the homeless.

1) Be a Friend One of the most compassionate ways to help the homeless is to spend time with them. For an hour a day, you could make a positive impact in the lives of one or more persons by just being a friendly ear. Listen to their stories, discover their passions, and help them see the wonderful beauty within. This is great for volunteer church groups or individuals who have a passion for people. Contact us today.

2) Donate Goods Project WeHOPE clients are fed every day, and food is never a problem. So, if you want to give goods, we suggest non-food items such as fleece blankets, linens, white socks, bath tissue, hygiene kits, and even office supplies. You can head over to our Roonga page for items we are currently seeking.

3) Fundraise Project WeHOPE welcomes fundraisers of all kinds. We’ve had organizations host Art Auctions, given concerts, held charity sports tournaments, Facebook fundraisers or simply basic baked-goods fundraising sales to help raise funds to contribute to Project WeHOPE.

4) Offer Your Professional Services If you are a professional who would like to provide your talents in helping Project WeHOPE, please contact us. You can use your talents to help clients, such as help them build a resume and get ready for job interviews. Or use your talents to help clients express themselves or relieve stress through poetry and song. We also welcome professionals or skilled individuals who can help our administrative staff with building maintenance and repairs.