Laundry Detergent Drive

roongaProject WeHOPE has partnered with Roonga to make donating goods a lot easier. Currently, we are asking for laundry detergent pods for our Dignity on Wheels mobile shower and laundry trailers and shelter, as well as basic clothing.  How it works:

1. Go to and find our campaign page
2. Discover the items that we need, and select items you can help fund
3. Follow the steps to complete the donation

Once you’ve completed your donation, Roonga will use the funds to deliver the goods to us! That’s it; it is super easy! Watch the video above to learn how to navigate Roonga and get started. 

Donate Now to our Dignity on Wheels laundry drive. Ends September 30, 2017.

Below is a list of items that we accept on an ongoing basis. To schedule a donation drop-off, please coordinate a day and time with our office manager by contacting us at 650-330-8000 or email

• Biodegradable laundry detergent pods
• Biodegradable body wash and hair soap
• Rapid dissolve toilet paper
• Bathroom cleaning supplies, hand sanitizers
• Travel toothpaste and toothbrushes, mouthwash, tooth floss
• Small hair combs and brushes
• Deodorants and non-hypogenic, fragrance free lotions
• Travel size kleenex packs, wet wipes, Feminine products
• Lightly used or new linens, and pillows
• First-aide items, such as band-aides
• New cotton socks for men and women, underwear
• Lightweight cotton t-shirts for men and women, Unisex sweatpants (may be lightly used)
• Shower flip-flops, sandals and non-rubber bottom bathmats and towels
• Variety of grocery, gasoline, bus passes, and healthy food options
• Office supplies (copy paper, office white boards, display boards in good condition, laptops, tablets)
• Biodegradable paper plates and cups, cutlery
• Blankets and linen

What we DO NOT accept:
• Clothing (other than that listed above)
• Appliances or furniture (unless specifically requested)
• Medications